Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife & Fish Refuge – Commercial Activities & Fees

sabrina-chandler-upper-mississippi-2             upper-mississippie-river-refuge                             upper-miss-river-refuge-map                  mark-clements
Meet Sabrina Chandler, Complex Manager of the “Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife & Fish Refuge”  AND Mark Clements, lifelong resident of the Genoa, Wisconsin area and owner of Capt. Hook Bait & Tackle.
This Saturday’s topic is the topic of commercial activity fees on the river, including fees for fishing guides on the river.  This will be a very informative discussion on the uses of and the care of  – The Great River.
Web links:
Upper Mississippi River Wildlife Refuge:  https://www.fws.gov/refuge/upper_mississippi_river/
About Sabrina Chandler:  https://www.fws.gov/midwest/news/737.html
Capt. Hooks Bait & Tackle:  http://www.captainhookstackle.com/index.asp
Mark Clements Fishing Barge:  http://www.clementsfishing.com/