Icey Lake of the Woods, Minnesota AND Predator Hunting skills

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Off to Lake of the Woods, Minnesota – The Walleye Capital of the World!   Joining us will be Joe Henry, Executive Director of Lake of the Woods Tourism.  I guess they have ice up there, so let’s talk ice fishing.
As Joe was quoted in MPR news  (By KEVIN ALLENSPACH):   “One of the reasons I was drawn to this job is because of that chance to work in something I’d be interested in even if it wasn’t what I was getting paid to do,” said Henry, with a 51-inch muskie mounted along a wall near his desk. “With my background, hopefully I can take what they have up there and make it better.”
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Primos Hunting Logo              Primos predator-calls        NEXT, let’s chat with Ben Lewis of “Primos Hunting”.   Ask any hunter who makes the best game calls and chances are you’ll hear the name Primos. Many ‘call’ companies specialize in making calls for one type of game species.  Primos makes calls for every category of game species hunted in North America – yep, including Predator calls.  Ben will help us improve our predator hunting skills with tips and techniques.
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