Connecting our youth with nature & Iceland has A LOT of outside to offer !

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The amount of time our kids spend outdoors is alarmingly low, while time on the cell phone is at an all time high.  We are not knocking technology, but….we believe, along with our Field Correspondent Trisha Steffen, that it is time to connect our kids with nature and all it has to offer, including a little sanity.  We are going to talk with Trisha about youth hunting and other ways to get any kids that you know OUTSIDE!  Trisha is an avid outdoors-person and  on the Pro Staff with OUTDOOR BOUND TV.
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Next we will chat with one of our favorite guests, Dr. Bill Engber.  Bill recently returned from a trip to Iceland so we get to hear about all of his outdoor adventures!   What an exiting trip – so listen in to see if we should all take our next vacation in Iceland.