Preserving the Historic Teddy Roosevelt Elkhorn Ranch


????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????        Elkhorn Ranch with Mo Rocca      Roosevelt-Jennifer Buddenborg

Photo 1:  The Elkhorn Ranch                         Photo 2: Mo Rocca & CBS Crew         Photo 3: Jennifer Buddenborg

We saw the CBS Sunday Morning Show with Mo Rocca on Sunday January 5, 2015 and we were fascinated by the story.   We are thrilled that Jennifer Buddenborg, Senior Field Officer at National Trust for Historic Preservation, has agreed to speak with us about this great man, his love of nature and his vision.   The Elkhorn Ranch is in Medora, North Dakota.  It is a gorgeous  “ where Teddy Roosevelt hunted, ran cattle, and formulated his influential conservation ethic.”  (National Trust for Historic Preservation).

Follow these links to learn about the ranch and the CBS show.