Sturgeon Fishing AND Introducing our new Field Correspondent – Trisha Bowen-Steffen

Trisha Bowen2          Patrica Bowen  TRISHA BOWEN-STEFFEN

Introducing Trisha Bowen-Steffen, Ultimate Outdoors Radio new “On-Air Field Correspondent”.  Trisha is a lover of nature.  Hunting, trapping and enjoying the outdoors is where she finds peace.  Trisha’s love for nature began as a young girl when her father never said NO to taking her hunting or trapping with him.  Trisha now spends her time in the outdoors with her family – whether it be hunting, fishing, mushroom hunting, there is no off season for this Wisconsin native.  Trisha is an active member of the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers (AGLOW) and is on staff for several outdoor industries. 

We are thrilled that Trisha is joining us at least once a month!

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sturgeon ice man       sturgeon and fire     STURGEON SPEARING ON LAKE WINNEBAGO

We will be chatting with Craig Molitor from the Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Convention and Visitors Bureau.  Craig will talk about the upcoming opening of Sturgeon season and the Sturgeon Stampede.

“Each winter a monstrous beast lures men and women to the ice of Lake Winnebago. It is the only place on the planet where this occurs. The event is Sturgeon Spearing and it takes place every year in early February. While you need a spearing license to hunt sturgeon, it is still a spectacle for onlookers to walk or drive among the 10,000 ice shanties on the lake or come face-to-face with the beast during afternoon weigh ins of the daily catch.  Lake Winnebago is home to the world’s largest population of lake sturgeon and is one of only two places in the United States that allows sturgeon spearing.”

Here is the link to info on the Sturgeon Stampede: