Manmade Deep Water Reefs AND Beautiful Cedar Valley Hunting Preserve!

logo walleyes for tomorrow   Saturday Randy Ritchie will join us.  Randy is the Chair of WALLEYES FOR TOMORROW, in Fox Valley.  Randy will tell us about the artificial spawning reefs in Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin.  How will these reefs help Lake Winnebago and if there are  drawbacks to the artificial reefs. 
” The organization  WALLEYES FOR TOMORROW  was formed in 1991, a time of concern for many walleye fishermen. Walleye reproduction had taken a downturn in the Winnebago system. Area anglers decided to form a group to raise money and work with the Department of Natural Resources and local agencies to tackle projects to improve the fishery.”   ~ Paul Smith of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Link to web site for Walleyes for Tomorrow:


CedarValleyHeaderWeb   Next up is Jeff Maier from Cedar Valley Hunting Preserve in Spring Green.  We will be talking with Jeff about early season dog work and tips for getting your dog off the couch and in shape.   Jeff will share some field tips for getting your young dogs started on  pheasants.  We have been there and we love this place!!!

Cedar Valley Web site:

Nestled in the wooded hills of Spring Green, Wisconsin, Cedar Valley Preserve claims 500 acres of unglaciated countryside bordering the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway.  

Cedar Valley Preserve has rapidly become Southern Wisconsin’s premier destination for upland game hunting, turkey hunting, and is highly regarded as a quality deer-managed property for white tail bow hunting. Unlike traditional hunt clubs, Cedar Valley Preserve is known for its personable, family-orientated atmosphere and rustic charm thus a popular retreat for sportsmen, nature enthusiasts, families and friends.