The Last River Rat and Art Helin Outdoors

thelastriverrat_bookcoverWe will be talking with Kenny Salwey, also known as ‘The Last River Rat’.  From the banks of the Mississippi River, Kenny has watched trappers and hunters leave the river. Yet, he stayed, persisting in a lifestyle that is all but obsolete in our modern world.  A hunter, trapper, outdoor guide, and self-sufficient woodsman, Salwey has spend the majority of his life on the banks and bottoms of the Mississippi, coming to know the might river with unique intimacy.  Kenny is a published author and his most recent book is “The Dog and I”, which is about the 13 dogs he has shared his life with in his life.  All of Kenny’s books are available on, Barnes & Noble and most books stores.   Put a log on the fire, pour a glass of wine and settle in with this book, you won’t want to put it down. Click hear to purchase.

Check out kenny Salwey video Tales of the last river rat


We will also be chatting with Art Helin of ART HELIN OUTDOORS.

Art Helin TurkeyArt lives in rural southwestern Wisconsin.  While Art loves hunting, what he has really come to enjoy even more is hunting with family and friends. Art and his wife, Michelle, have filmed for ARCHER’S CHOICE and the CHOICE TV shows, ARCHER’S CHOICE MEDEA and DOUBLE BULL ARCHERY video series. 

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