Grandpa Ray Outdoors

Food Plot Seed, Deer Mineral and Wildlife Services

Grandpa Ray Outdoors was started as a tribute to my Grandpa Ray who owned the farm where I grew up and received my passion for animal nutrition.

In 1990, I graduated from UW-Platteville with a degree in Ag Business/Ag-Economics. In 1991, I became one of the first independent ruminant nutritionists in the United States. In 1992, I started selling alfalfa, clover, small grains and other seeds.

I was involved in research at the state level for the discovery farm program, sampling forages every week to show the differences in quality.

I still provide nutrition work for other nutrition consultants and independent agri businesses. I know nutrition at an elite level. I have over 300 products in the market place that I formulated for other companies.  In 2015, I started Grandpa Ray Outdoors to educate people and raise money for our youth.

Grandpa Ray’s specializes in providing the best nutrition for the whitetail deer on your property starting with the soil.

We do this with offering a full line of high quality food plot seed, plant foods and minerals. We go the extra mile by helping you understand the best way to use our products with our consulting services. We have field staff who have many years of planting food plots and developing habitat on their own properties. There is over 45 research plots across the US. We also have an educational plot in South central Wisconsin that hosts events and is also open to the public. We even have an organic education plot in Southwest Wisconsin.

Our approach goes beyond attraction, We offer a year round program of nutrition and food plot education that is natural and innovative. Your bucks will grow larger racks but also your does and fawns will grow strong and healthy which helps winter survival as well as handling yearlong stresses. Together we can help you achieve the next level in whitetail deer management. We are not about a fancy name or package. We work with you to give you specific recommendations for your own properties.


Thank you for your interest in Grandpa Ray Outdoors.

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