Safety on the Ice AND The Coolest Way to Get Away from it all in a Camper Cabin

                       Meet Mr. Tom Watson.  Tom is an author and an award-winning outdoor writer from Minnesota.
Tom has written 5 books:  “Sixty Hikes within Sixty Miles of Minneapolis,” “Best Tent Camping-Minnesota,” “How to Think Like a Survivor,”  “Kids Gone Paddlin’ and “Best Minnesota Camper Cabins .”   He’s also an avid kayaker and canoer, camper, naturalist, writer/ photographer specializing in paddle sports, outdoor adventuring and self-reliance skills.  So, when Tom Watson speaks about Camper Cabins, people listen!
Link to his latest book:

                   Welcome back to Duffy Kopf.  Duffy is on the pro staff of “Nebulous Emergency Flotation Device” and “Jiffy Pro” Ice Fishing Equipment.  We have all seen the photos of vehicles, people and animals falling through the ice.  It doesn’t take long for the cold to overcome you.  Duffy has tips for staying safe while on the ice and he will tell us about the Nebulous Emergency Flotation Device, if you find your self in danger.   And maybe he will give us some tips on catching fish while on the ice, too!
Nebulous web site: