Danger and Adventure Hunting Brown Bears in Russia

An exciting interview with Denny Geurink,  the first American guide/outfitter to take clients to the brown bear capital of the world.  Nearly 70 percent of the world’s brown bear population is in Russia.  Russia is a game-rich country because few residents are allowed to own firearms; thus there is little hunting.  Denny has written a book about his story:  IN THE LAND OF THE BEAR – DANGERS AND ADVENTURE HUNTING BROWN BEARS IN RUSSIA’S FORBIDDING SINBERIA.

Hair-raising stories of lethal brown bear attacks on people and livestock, bears digging up coffins, invading camps……We are going to talk to Denny about all of this!

Denny Geurink’s website:  http://www.dgoa.com

To get his book:   https://www.targetcommbooks.com/product/in-the-land-of-the-bear/