2018 EXPO TIME: 2018 Milwaukee Muskie and The 2018 Wisconsin Fishing Expo


Michael Veserat will be filling us in on the 2017 Milwaukee Muskie Expo.   Michael is the Even Marketing Manager for the Muskie Expo and the FishX Expo.  The Milwaukee Expo is coming up soon in February 2018.  Let’s hear what is going on in the Muskie world.
Check the website:  https://muskieexpo.com/milwaukee/

Meet Kristen Durbin Monroe, the Show Coordinator for the Wisconsin Fishing Expo.   Let’s hear about the displays and seminars and the vendors and the products at this year’s Wisconsin Fishing Expo.  This expo is coming up in February 2018….not far away!
Here is a link to their website:  http://wifishingexpo.com/