Black Bear Hunting, Prep Your Game for Taxidermy, and Water Fowl Hunting in North Dakota

Mike Richards of MIKE RICHARDS TAXIDERMY will join us to talk about his recent black bear hunt in Northern Wisconsin—-this will be an interesting interview.  Then he is going to tell us all how to prepare our game for the taxidermist – ie:  what the taxidermist needs from you.   The quality of the mount is dependent upon  the skill and talent of the taxidermist artist and how well the game is prepared and cared for beforehand.  And…yes, taxidermy is an art and Mike Richards is an artist – check it out on his Facebook Page:  Mike-Richards-Taxidermy on Facebook


You remember Tanner Cherney, don’t you?   Tanner is with the Devil’s Lake, North Dakota Tourism and he always has the best information for us on this top-notch hunting area!  This week we will talk about the forecast for this season’s water fowl hunting.  Devil’s Lake has it all!
Check out their website: