Becoming an Outdoors Woman AND Fishing Wisconsin’s Driftless Area

Meet Peggy Farrell this Saturday – What an exciting interview this will be.  Peggy is – ‘Becoming an Outdoors Woman’  (BOW) International Director.  This is an exciting organization that offers outdoor opportunities to woman who do not always have this available to them,  from the basics to the more adventurous: Hunting, fishing, kayaking, archery, how to hunt for food – you name it!
Here is their Mission Statement:  “Environmental awareness building, self-esteem building, breaking down barriers to participation in traditionally male-dominated activities; changing lives of women in transition and women at risk as well as creating opportunities for all women. Workshops are held in 38 states and 6 Canadian provinces. Special trips to international locations that have World Heritage sites including Iceland, Belize, Costa Rica, Baja Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago.”
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Jim is a specialist in fishing Wisconsin’s Driftless Area and he is a long-time fishing guide who really knows the driftless area and he has some hot tips and great streams for fishing or just for the photography and appreciation of what nature has to offer.
“The Driftless area in Southwestern Wisconsin was left untouched by the most recent glacial advances. The result is a very hilly topography with steep green valleys. Coursing through most of these valleys are thousands of miles of spring creeks that support excellent aquatic insect life, crustaceans, forage fish, and of course, trout.”
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