MACK ATTACK – New Fishing Lures / For Your Health – Get Outdoors, Darnit!

                WELCOME TO BOB LOOMIS from Mack’s Lures.
Bob is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Mack’s Lure so…he knows these lures.  Bob will talk bout the new walleye and crappie products, use of the Smiley Blade, the Sonic Bait Fish and the Glow Jigs.  We use these products!
Link to Mack’s Lures:


We are glad to welcome Don Becker back to the show, it has been a while since we have talked with him.  Don is an avid outdoorsman from skiing to running to hiking to fishing and so on.  Don wants to talk about how good it is for you to get outside, good for your health and your soul.  Don is going to give us some ideas on ways to enjoy the outdoors  and enjoy the fresh air.  You do NOT have to be an athlete or be rich to get off-line and get moving!