CAUTION: Railroad Crossing Petition / Techniques on Bass Fishing from a Mr. Bassmaster!

          Photo of Marc Schultz taken by Peter Thomson of the La Crosse Tribune.
Marc Schultz, Chair of the La Crosse County Conservation Alliance, will give us an update on the “Railroad Petition”.  Currently, the public is legally prohibited to cross railroad tracks at unmarked crossings.  Several conservation groups have joined together to restore the public’s ability to legally cross railroad tracks at unimproved sites.   As the law currently stands, access to public land and water for hunting, fishing and other recreations are prohibited.
And, Marc was voted the 2011 PERSON OF THE YEAR by the La Crosse Tribune and was awarded the HOMETOWN HERO AWARD BY State Rep. Steve Doyle of the 94th District!!   Awesome!
Link to Conservation Alliance:
Learn more from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:  Marc Schultz JSonline
               MEET MR. JORDAN LEE
Jordan Lee is from Alabama and he is the winner of the 2017 GEICO Bassmaster Classic on Lake Conroe in Houston, Texas.    We are going to convince Jordan to give up all of his techniques on catching bass and winning the GEICO Bassmaster Classic!
Jordan’s website:
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