Training for and Racing the Iditarod

                          THE IDITAROD 2017 IN ALASKA!!!

A big welcome to Seth Barnes!   Get ready for an exciting interview with Seth Barnes who recently competed in the 2017 Iditarod Race in Alaska.  Seth has raced in several races, including the Yukon Quest, and will talk about racing, training – both for himself and his dog team, the trials and tribulations of this amazing sport.

From  “Moving to Alaska in 2010, Seth quickly fell in love with dog mushing. He has hardly been out of Alaska since. Living and training with his companions year round he moves closer to his dream. Being raised with animals of all kinds instilled him with a love and respect for animals from a very young age, especially dogs. Compared to the Washington DC beltway, the only traffic jams he encounters now are at the start of dog races. Seth says, “The best thing about dog racing is the open spaces, the beauty of the land, and spending your time with some of the best, truly amazing, professional athletes in the world.”
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