Wisconsin DNR Deer Research Project AND More Elk for Clam Lake Area

We welcome back Mr. Kevin Wallenfang, Wisconsin DNR Big Game Ecologist.   Kevin is joining us for the whole show! 

Kevin wants to talk about the most recent elk reintroduction project in Clam Lake, Wisconsin.  They are adding more elk to the first reintroduction site that took place in 1995.
link to DNR on elk reintroductionhttp://dnr.wi.gov/topic/WildlifeHabitat/elk.html

Next Kevin will talk about the Wisconsin Deer Research Project.  This study is comprehensive and covers – among other things….of course…
1.      Relationships between deer, predators and disease
2.      Survival and cause-specific mortality
3.      Impact of predation, weather, Habitat – ——-  among other areas of research.
link to DNR Deer Research Project informationhttp://dnr.wi.gov/topic/wildlifehabitat/research/whiteTailedDeer.html