WI DNR & Conservation Congress Annual Hearing AND Cedar Valley Hunt Preserve Celebrates YOU

       Welcome to the Cedar Valley Hunt Preserve in the hills of Spring Green, Wisconsin!

Jeff Maier from Cedar Valley will join us to talk about their annual Customer Appreciation Gathering…which is open to the public, you do not have to be a member to attend!  This is the perfect time to come out and see what Cedar Valley has to offer, soak up the scenery, meet new folks,  enjoy the feast and a few drinks !  CEDAR VALLEY WELCOMES THE PUBLIC TO THIS EVENT – MEMBERS AND NON MEMBERS.
Link to their website:  http://www.cedarvalleypreserve.com/index.html


Lee Fahrney -WI DNR Fish & Wildlife Public Hearings and WI Conservation Congress Annual Spring Meeting

It is time for your voices to be heard, Monday April 10, 2017 !!!     Lee Fahrney will explain the upcoming annual meetings:  The Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources  Annual Fish & Wildlife Public Hearings and the WI Conservation Congress Annual Meetings, one in each county of the state.
They want folks to attend these meetings, so you better go and be heard.
Here is a link to the agenda:  http://dnr.wi.gov/About/WCC/springhearing.html