Alaska – Sheep hunting in the mountains AND a 5-week fishing guide experience

    sheep-dall-sheep      Paul Neess & Vortex     WELCOME BACK TO PAUL NEESS !
Paul Neess, of Vortex Optics, has recently returned from a dall sheep hunt in Alaska.  The Alaskan terrain can be difficult to navigate and sheep hunting can be the most treacherous.  Like goat hunting, sheep hunting tends to be practiced primarily by a few, hardy individuals whose interest is in the challenge and satisfaction of mountain hunting and the alpine experience.  And what better place than Alaska to experience that!
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Ron Barfield in Alaska.jpg (2)         Ron Barefield         AND WELCOME BACK TO RON BAREFIELD!
Ron Barefield is a professional fishing guide out of the Madison, Wisconsin area – a member of Four Lakes Guide Association.  He recently returned from a 5-week fishing guide excursion in Alaska.  Listen in to hear about the weather and the bears and the shallow rivers and all of the experiences associated with the Alaskan Wilderness.   What a life!