Prep for archery deer & waterfowl season AND Devil’s Lake fall fishing & duck hunting forecast

Trisha Bowen2          Trisha & husband duck hunting         Trisha in hat       We  love this hat, Trisha!

We are so excited that Ultimate Outdoors Field Correspondent, Trisha Steffen will be joining us this Saturday!   Trisha is an accomplished outdoors woman who not only hunts and fishes and traps but knows the outdoors because she spends all her free time outdoors exploring and learning.
Quote from Women’s Outdoor News on Trisha:  “A resident of Northcentral Wisconsin, Trisha Bowen-Steffen has been hunting, trapping, and fishing for what seems like her whole life. Her passion grew from tagging along with her dad who never told her “no” when it came to anything in the outdoors. She started shooting bow through her local 4-H club at age 8 and hasn’t stopped since. “  And now Trish and her husband are helping their daughter learn everything they know.  And, once their son turns ONE, he will be hiking right along with them.

Devils Lake 9-8-15             Tanner Cheney Devils lake                       Tanner Cheney & friends
And we also welcome back Tanner Cherney of Devil’s Lake, North Dakota Tourism.  We love to hear about what is going at Devil’s Lake!  Tanner will be telling us about the status of the summer fishing as well as the projections for the fall fishing season.   And we will of course talk about the fall waterfowl hunt season forecast.   Listen in and learn about this great place…and then pack up and visit.
Here is a link to the tourism website: