Western Big Game Hunt, Past to Present Fishing AND Fishing Report – Lake Geneva & Lake Delton

antelope2                       elk out west Bob Schillereff Photo by Bob Schillereff

You have heard about Craig Swenson before on our show, as co-owner of the Flyways Waterfowl Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin.  This week he is going to talk about big game hunting in the Western states.  Craig is truly a man of many talents – he is a great outdoorsman, Wisconsin waterfowl historian and game hunter.  Craig will talk with us about preparing for your western hunt,  along with his tips and tactics for a successful hunt.

Jim Kalkofen (2)                 Jim Kalkofen book.jpg    Check out his book at:  amazon.com/JimKalkofen
We are also excited to be talking with Jim Kalkofen.  Jim is going to talk about fishing-Past & Present and about his long and awesome career as an angler, tournament fisherman, outdoorsman and…..author.

Bio from targetwalleye.com:
“Jim Kalkofen has had a long walleye-filled career, including 18 years as executive director of the In-Fisherman Professional Walleye Trail. He has also served on the PR and marketing team for Mercury Marine, managing many of their fishing and tournament programs for a decade.  He was also editor of a weekly Wisconsin newspaper for four years, winning many state and national awards, and served in Vietnam for two tours of duty. And we think, most importantly, Jim is the development director of Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge, a long-term residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment program located in Brainerd, MN.  One of the group’s fundraising mechanisms is the Minnesota Fishing Challenge, which he directs with host Al Lindner and honorary director Steve Pennaz.”

Dave Duwe3         Dave Duwe logo   Next, let’s welcome back Dave Duwe from Dave Duwe’s Guide Service for a fishing report from Lake Geneva and Lake Delton.  Dave is also a featured writer for On Wisconsin Outdoors!
check out his website:  http://www.fishlakegeneva.com/