“Take an Adult Fishing Tournament” AND the angling career of Tommy Skarlis

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It is almost time to TAKE AN ADULT FISHING in Sauk City, Wisconsin.  This annual event, coming up Saturday July 16, is hosted by Wilderness Fish & Game.  Tom Lochner, from Wilderness Fish & Game, will tell us all about this family day of fun…and if there is time, maybe a little bit about fishing for summer river smallmouth.
Here is a link to Wilderness Fish & Game:  http://www.wildernessfishgame.com/

TommySkarlis         TommySkarlis_Logo.jpg     Next up is Tommy Skarlis: professional angler, promotional hunter of North American upland game, waterfowl and big game.  Tommy will join us to talk about his fishing career and some of his favorite waters to fish.
Here is a link to his website:  http://fishtommy.com/AboutTommy.aspx