The REAL Duck Dynasty AND Fishing on Lake Michigan is on fire

Flyways king-eider-swimming          Flyways Craig Nichol Swenson  (Photo by Annie Getsinger )       Flyways Puddle Duck Exhibit_trmd
A big welcome back to Nicole Swenson.  Nicole is the Director of the Flyways Waterfowl Museum and has a master’s degree in conservation from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. She and her husband, Craig, who opened Flyways Waterfowl Museum near the north shore entrance to Devil’s Lake State Park last summer, are living out their mission of conservation. This is a wonderful place for the entire family!  See over 60 North American ducks, geese and swans, hear birds’ unique calls, learn about migrations, habitats management and much more.  And you must visit the “Duck Blind Theater”!
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Pat Kalmerton        wolf-pack-logo.jpg
Meet Mr. Pat Kalmerton, co-owner of Wolf Pack Adventures, along with Roy and Jerrad Kalmerton.    Pat is telling us that Lake Michigan fishing is on fire, folks, so we figured Pat should tell us all about it!

Wolf Pack Adventures leads the way in offering a diverse range of seasonal fishing, hunting, outdoor skills, and educational adventures for families, friends, corporate groups, and kids. 
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