How to take care of your best hunting buddy and your boat -They both need you!

Brian Stichter High Brass Dogs (2)                                    high brass logo (2)
Meet Mr. Brian Stichter of High Brass Sporting Dogs & Guide Service.   We are going to talk about how important it is to keep your hunting buddy in shape all year round.  And, if you have not been able to do that, how to help your dog get in shape in the healthiest way.  This is a good time for bonding and for just having fun.  Read more about Brian and High Brass Sporting Dogs on his website:

Bob Luellen & Al Lindner                              boat
    Bob Luellen & Bob Lindner                                         Don’t let this happen to you!

Mr, Bob Luellen of Worldwide Marine Underwriters will be helping us all figure out how best to protect one of our biggest investments….our boats.  Insurance is a great way to protect your craft, your investment and may help with more time on the water!   Bob Luellen is  Marine underwriter and producer, and a 20-year insurance veteran with over 25 years of knowledge in the marine industry. He is the founder of Worldwide Marine Underwriters Inc.  He will help us decide the correct way to insure our boats.   Check their website to learn more.