Exciting news from Mercury Marine AND Dr. Robert Waters on ticks in Wisconsin

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A big welcome to Lee Gordon, Director of Public Relations with Mercury Marine.  Mercury Marine, the world leader in marine propulsion and technology, has some exciting news about their expansion plans in Wisconsin and about the upcoming Mercury National Walleye Weekend Family Festival and…walleye tournament.  Listen in, you will love this guy.

Robert Waters md                   woodticks
Dr. Robert Scott Waters, of Waters Center for Biological Medicine, will be filling us in on the latest with ticks and Lyme Disease.  Dr. Waters practice is in Wisconsin Dells, WI and he has studied a diversity of alternative and innovative therapies both in the United States and Europe.

Dr. Waters will discuss the rise of Lyme Disease throughout the US and hot to protect yourself from ticks. We have heard a lot about mosquitoes lately, and we have almost forgotten about ticks.