Wisconsin Fishing Opener Celebration AND Bass fishing baits and tricks

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The ‘Wisconsin Fishing Opener & Outdoor Expo’ is this coming week in Washburn County, Wisconsin; in the middle of the area of Wisconsin known as ‘Indian Head Country’.  Join us this Saturday to chat with Michelle Martin, Director of the Washburn County Tourism Assn.  and we will talk with Rick Anderson from AAA Sport Shop in Spooner.   May 6 starts off the Wisconsin Opener, including the Governor’s Fishing Opener.  The weekend is full of activities for the entire family, including…..FISHING!   Rick will be giving us a little fishing report, you know….what’s biting on what.
Link to Washburn County opener info:  http://www.washburncounty.org/wi-opener-expo
Link to AAA Sports Shop:  http://tripleasportsshop.com/

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Next we will chat with Matt Johnson.  Matt is on the pro-staff for ‘Mister Twister’, is a professional angler & guide and is in charge of the ‘Clam Ice Team’.  Matt will be talking fishing bass with flash sticks and other cool baits!
Link to Mister Twister: http://www.mistertwister.com/