Lure designer from ‘Mepp’s Lures’ AND meet survivalist from Season 2 of History Channel’s ALONE

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Meet Terry Leffel – Professional angler, seminar speaker, & lure designer for Mepp’s Lures.  Mepps® is a French acronym for Manufacturier D’Engins De Precision Pour Peches Sportives.   In English….. Precision Equipment for Sport Fishing.    Terry was the designer for the famous Mepp’s Trolling Rig and he took the lead role in it’s development, along with Michael Sheldon.  Listen in to learn about the Mepp’s Lures.
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We are excited to be able to interview on of the survivalist contestants on Season Two of the History Channel’s hit series – ALONE.  We loved Season One and last year we interviewed one of the survivalists from that show.  We are so excited about Season Two, which premiers  this Thursday April 21.
“The first day of the adventure begins, with 10 people prepared to head out into unknown wilderness and survive for as long as they can, in total isolation. But when the survivalists confront rocky terrain, wet environments, and hungry predators, all of them begin to question their resolve.”
They are allowed to take only 10 items with them in to the wilderness and they are all alone.  We are going to be talking with Larry Roberts, hometown of Rush City, MN. Larry has always enjoyed the outdoors and enjoyed the solitude of being in the woods.  This will be such an exciting experience and interview!