Deer & Turkey Expo Time AND Reef Building on Lake Winnebago

field-stream-logo2                   Stan Potts                   Stan Potts TV
Stan Potts will be talking with us about the upcoming Wisconsin Deer & Turkey Expo (April 1-3).  Stan hosts the “Mathews Dominant Bucks” TV series on Outdoor Channel; and co-hosts North American Whitetail TV on Sportsman Channel, Fox Affiliates; and Wild TV and Hunt Masters TV on Outdoor Channel.  He also appears in Pro Hunter Journal and Whitetail Country on ESPN; and HS Outdoors on Outdoor Channel.  Stan gives hunting seminars all across North America and been the subject of many feature magazine articles. His hunting successes have been documented in North American Whitetail magazine, Bowhunter magazine, Illinois Game and Fish magazine and several other media sources.   I think he might have some information for us, eh?
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logo walleyes for tomorrow                           Walleyes for tomorrow reefs
Mike Arrowood is joining us to talk about the reef building project on Lake Winnebago.  Mike is the Board Chair for the organization “Walleyes for Tomorrow”.   Walleyes for Tomorrow (WFT) is an organization with the goal of increasing the population of walleye in the waters where habitat projects are undertaken, promoting more robust walleye populations through spawning habitat construction, enhancement and rehabilitation. Their first project was the Eureka Dam Project on the Fox River in Wisconsin.  And now their largest project is the Lake Winnebago reef.
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