Railroad trespass law prevents Wisconsin public access to lands & waters

railroad crossing        Steven Dewald
Photo by Peter Thompson           Steven Dewald
of the LaCrosse Tribune
This is an important show, and an issue that we at Ultimate Outdoors Radio feel passionate about.  There is currently relatively little-known statutes in Wisconsin, which have, until recently, been unenforced by BFNS Railroad (Burlington Northern Santa Fe).  However, recently the BFNS RR has begun to enforce the statutes, due to safety concerns, preventing anyone from crossing any RR tracks.  Fisherman can no longer walk across the tracks (which run along the Mississippi River) to go fishing.  Many citizens who own boathouses and cabins along the river are now cut off from their private property.  These statutes also have negative effects on tourism, businesses and bait shops, etc.  These statutes affect every citizen statewide and  in the Midwest.
Steven Dewald, retired Wisconsin DNR Warden Supervisor/Lieutenant, will join us to talk about this issue and what is and can be done to allow access to public hunting and fishing areas.  Steven also served as the chairman of the law enforcement technical section of the Upper Mississippi River Conservation Committee that apply to boundary waters between states.  And while I was preparing for this post, I found out that Steven is also a writer of several books – many featuring the great outdoors!  He didn’t tell me about that.

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Here is an article from the Star Tribune: http://www.startribune.com/railroad-trespass-law-cuts-off-access-to-wisconsin-fishing-spots/302695661/

A link to Amazon where you can find Steven’s books:  http://www.amazon.com/Mr.-Steven-M.-Dewald/e/B00C8GGERC/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0