Devils Lake North Dakota Fishing AND Ammunition for hunting predators

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Let’s check out Devils Lake, North Dakota with Tanner Cherney.  Tanner is with the Devils Lake North Dakota Tourism and we are going to talk about ice-fishing on Devils Lake.   Devils Lake is the largest natural body of water in North Dakota.  Covering more than 200,000 acres it has hundreds of miles of shoreline and is an amazing body of water and so much fun to fish!!
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Harnady Ammo Logo                       Paul Weidenkopf of Hornady Ammo
Paul Weidenkopf will be joining us and talking about the proper ammunition to use for predator hunting.  Paul is with Hornady Manufacturing, ammunition that is accurate, deadly and dependable.  Although there is debate if predator hunting is necessary, many consider it a public service.  Coyotes are responsible for damage to many livestock populations; 65 percent of all cattle and calf losses in 2000 were attributed to coyotes, and 61 percent of all sheep and lamb losses in 1999 were also blamed on coyotes.  Because so many of the coyotes’ natural predators have been eliminated, there’s no check on their dominance. In one study by the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, it was estimated that coyote populations in the southeast United States alone might grow by 210 percent if man didn’t hunt them.
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