1. Winter Adventures for the Family. AND 2. Predator Hunting

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This Saturday, Tom Lochner is going to discuss predator hunting in the Midwest.  Tom Lochner is an avid outdoorsman and is the owner of Wilderness Fish & Game in Sauk City, Wisconsin.
To quote Molly Edmonds as published in HOW STUFF WORKS – “That sly cunning of predators such as coyotes, foxes, mountain lions and bobcats provides some of the appeal of predator hunting. In this sport, those natural predators have the tables turned on them — they become the prey. But predator hunters say that the sport is more than just an exhilarating challenge that fills the time between big-game hunting seasons — it’s a bona fide public service.
See:  http://www.wildernessfishgame.com/gunhunting.html

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Next – Trisha Steffen, Field Correspondent with Ultimate Outdoors Radio, is back to talk about getting the family outdoors in the winter, outdoor activities and canning and freezing wild game.  Trisha is also on the Pro-staff of Outdoor Bound TV.   This will be a great show to learn about getting your kids off-line and outside, which is good for health, both physical and emotional.