Ray asks – “Fish worship, is it wrong?” Dave answers – “Nope, not if you do it right”

Ray Troll Collage
Meet Dr. Ray Troll, from Ketchikan, Alaska known as ..  fisherperson, artist, musician, paleontologist, ichthyologist (I had to look that up, too).     So -I think we will talk to Ray about his interest in fish and how that has affected his art and his music; and you must check out his world famous T-shirts.  Ray has been awarded the gold medal for distinction in the natural history arts by the Academy of Natural Sciences, has received the Alaska Governor’s for the Arts, awarded a Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship, appeared on The Discovery Channel, has lectured around the world, and has been honored by the naming of a species of ratfish – Hydrolagus trolli and a genus of extinct herring – Trollichthys. WHEW
Ray’s website – which includes his artwork:  http://www.trollart.com/home.html

Dave Genz (2)       Bret Alexander Group
Dave Genz, “Mr. Ice Fishing”,  has graciously agreed to come back on our show to talk about early season ice-fishing.  We always appreciate when Dave takes time out of his busy schedule to talk with us.  Dave is an avid fisherman, and an author, dedicated to the modern ice fishing enthusiast.  Hard to imagine ice fishing in this weather, but it will be here……
Dave’s website:  http://www.davegenz.com/
Dave’s book – Ice Revolution:  Bringing Ice Fishing Out of the Stone Agehttp://www.davegenz.com/the-store/dave-genz-ice-revolutions.html