Preparing your deer for the meat processor & the taxidermist

Mike Richards5       MikeRTaxidermy
We are pleased to welcome back Mike Richards of Mike Richards Taxidermy.  We are honored to have Mike as one of our great sponsors.  Mike will tell us how to take care of your deer so you can have the best possible mount.  (It may also make your taxidermist happy)
Here is a link to Mike’s Facebook page, where you can see photos of his work:


Lodi Sausage gift         Lodi Sausage
And we are going to chat with another one of our treasured sponsors, Larry and Mike from Lodi Sausage Co.  They will tell us the best way to care for your deer until you can get it to the meat processor.  Lodi Sausage has been in business since 1939 and has been awarded the title in Wisconsin for best sausage in 2013, the best jerky in 2013, the best bacon in 2014 & best bratwurst in 2012, among many recent awards.   Voted Columbia County business of the year.
Here is a link to Lodi Sausage Co: