Elk in Jackson County, Wisconsin AND Upper Mississippi River ducks, perch & crappies

elk in Wis. 2         elk in Wisconsin        elk in WI-Elk-Country
We are so glad that Kevin Wallenfang has agreed to come back and talk with us, which means we didn’t scare him away last time.  Kevin is the Wisconsin DNR Big Game Specialist who was instrumental in the most recent elk reintroduction program in Wisconsin – Jackson County.  Kevin will let us know how the elk are adjusting to their new environment and how we can help make the adjustment easier for the elk.
Check out these links:  http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/wildlifehabitat/elk.html
and  http://www.wpr.org/jackson-county-elk-reintroduction

026-001       ducks on Miss river       Mississippi River
And we are glad that John Reinhart has agreed to come back and talk with us….we must be doing something right.  John lives in the Upper Mississippi River area and will fill us in on the duck movement in the area and maybe talk a little bit about the fall perch and crappie fishing.