Fall hunting AND what’s new with Capital Brewery AND Fishing in the Netherlands for the World Predator Classic

Corey Wheling2         Corey Wheling
First we will chat with Corey Wehling. Corey loves the autumn hunt and we are going to pick his brain on what he knows, cuz that is what we do.  And……get this….Corey is the VP of Marketing for Capital Brewery so, I think we might talk about beer a little bit.
Link to Capital Brewery:  http://www.capital-brewery.com/


Marianne Huskey
Next we are going to talk with Marianne Huskey – professional angler and fishing guide.  Marianne recently returned from the Netherlands where she competed in the World Predator Classic (WPC) – Catch – Photo – Release.   I read over the abridged version of the regulations and …well…WAY too much to print here.
Read more about the WPC at:  http://www.worldpredatorclassic.com/