Communicating with and outsmarting your prey

Ray Eye          Meet Ray Eye.  We will be chatting with Ray about calling turkeys – what works when, and why.  Ray knows and understands the pecking order and seasonality of wild turkeys. He doesn’t get frustrated when certain tactics don’t work. Instead, he thinks about the natural, behavioral reasons why the tactic isn’t working and changes his game plan accordingly.   Ray was named the 2012 NWTF Communicator of the Year at the 36th annual NWTF Convention and Sport Show.  The Hillsboro, Missouri, native is also a Missouri Conservation Communicator of the Year, and was inducted into the “Legends of the Outdoors” national Hall of Fame in 2013.

wolf in Wisconsin   Next we are going to talk about calling and hunting predators.    Mike Brust has been calling predators more than 50 years throughout the Midwest and across several western states.  Over that time a lot has changed in predator calling – calls and sounds, guns, predator species and their responses to calling and the increase in wolf populations in Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin.  Reducing the population of predators benefits other wildlife populations like deer, turkeys and some other game species.