Sturgeon Spearing Season and Milwaukee Muskie Expo Approaching

Patrica Bowen           Trisha & daugher       sturgeon and fire

Trisha Bowen-Steffen, Ultimate Outdoors Radio Field Correspondent,  will tell us about spearing sturgeon with her daughter on Lake Winnebago.    Sturgeon spearing on Lake Winnebago is opening February 14, 2015 and this is an amazing event.  And – there is much to do in the area during the spearing opening weekend – The Sturgeon Stampede.


muskie            MuskieExpo_FB_profile

Then we will talk with Doug Reuter about the Milwaukee Muskie Expo that will be from Friday February 13 through Sunday February 15.   The Muskie Expo Milwaukee has been an annual event for 24 years and is the largest Muskie-related event of its kind. The focus of the Muskie Expos is to allow anglers of all skill levels, from beginner to the most advanced, to learn tactics and techniques to allow for greater success on the water.   Doug Reuter is founder of of Reuter Productions.    Reuter Productions was founded 28 years ago to create a voice for the conservation of fishing.