FISHING – From ice on Lake of the Woods, MN to the tropical Florida Gulf !


bombadier ice fishing         Lake of the woods icey

Meet Joe Henry, Executive Director of Tourism of Lake of the Woods, Minnesota.   We are going to “bombard” Joe with questions about ice fishing in Lake of the Woods!   (We LOVE that Bombardier machine!!!    We need one of those!)

website for Lake of the Woods Tourism:


Doug Stamm Florida2     Doug Stamm Florida    (sometimes you have to take that call)

Then meet our buddy, Doug Stamm, award-winning outdoor writer & photographer extraordinaire!  Doug spends several months each winter in Florida and he has agreed to tell us all (or at least some) of his secrets for successful fishing in the Florida gulf.  We fished with him in Florida a few years ago and had a great time!

website for Stamm Photo:

If you get time, check out Doug’s outdoor photographs, they are amazing!