ICE FISHING WEEK: Secrets of ice jigs & Keeping safe on the ice

Dave Genz2                            Dave Genz

Meet Dave Genz – A LEGEND in the world of ice fishing!!!    Dave will give us a few secrets to using ice jigs.  Dave is with  ‘Clam Outdoors.  – The Leader in Ice Fishing !’    (Waldog and Capt. say ….. “Nothing is better and warmer than Clam Corp outerwear!”)

Check out the Clam Outdoors website:


1507036_813193162043582_2360701011647350632_n copy            Duffy Kopf2

Then we will meet Duffy Kopf to discuss keeping ourselves safe on the ice and destinations for first-ice panfish.   Among other things, we are going to talk about a very important piece of gear for ice fishing safety – The Nebulus Flotation Device.  Both Waldog and Capt have one and would not be without it.

Check out Nebulus Flotation website: