Let’s talk about gear & guns in the outdoor world / Deer Management Assistance Program

huntingdogs          Kevin Howard

Meet Kevin Howard of Howard Communications.  We are going to talk about gear and guns in the outdoor world.  Kevin is president of Howard Communications, Inc, which is a public relations firm representing several outdoor companies to the media including:    Birchwood Casey,   Browning,   Browning Camping, Bushnell,   Butler Creek,   D.T. Systems,   Hoppe’s,   Hunter’s Specialties,  M-Pro 7,  Millett,   Mossy Oak,   Safari Club International Convention,  Simmons,    Tasco,   Uncle Mike’s and Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement,  and Winchester Repeating Arms.

Their website is:      http://howardcommunications.com/



Kevin           DNR150x104

And, Kevin Wallenfang has kindly agreed to meet with us again as a follow up from last week’s show.  We just plain ran out of time to complete our discussion.  Kevin is the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Big Game  Ecologist and we will talk about the DMAP Advisory Committee (Deer Management Assistance Program).

Wisconsin DNR website for DMAP:     http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/wildlifehabitat/committees/DMAP.html