Youth Musky Hunt & The ULTIMATE Retirement Fishing Plan EVER!


2014 NOV FISHING 169           20141101_130540_resized

Join us this Saturday for another morning of fun and information!  We will talk with Chuck Strysick – conservationist and outdoor enthusiast,  who is THE MAN of the annual “Turning Leaf Youth Musky Hunt Weekend” in Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin !   An educational weekend on how to identify the musky and their habitat, what lures and rods and other tools to use and hands on casting.   Participants are assigned a guide to help them learn about this magnificent fish.

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Then, meet Roger Efinger, who decided to have a plan for his retirement, but had to think about what that plan would be.   So, since he LOVES to fish, he decided to set a goal to CATCH a fish in every county in the state of Wisconsin.   He has met that goal and now he is wondering what is next  – perhaps revisit counties that he didn’t do very well on?  Visit other state?  We will see if we can find out this Saturday morning.  We did get it out of him that so far, his favorite fishing hole is the Mighty Mississippi River.  (Ya, we like the Great River,  too!)