Autumn on the Wisconsin River & County Deer Advisory Councils

v-kayak  Join us this Saturday and meet Crystal from TRADER’S BAR & GRILL & CAMPGROUND & CANOE RENTAL & KAYAK RENTAL & FLOAT TRIPS!    (Say that really fast 5 times………… AND…..OK, that is not their official name but that is what we call them in casual conversation).    Trader’s is in Spring Green, Wisconsin along the Wisconsin River.  Not only does Trader’s serve great food and drinks with a smile, and provide canoe and float trips – but, get this…… you can rent some of their equipment for fall hunting on the Wisconsin River ….. Yes, it is true! 

(And thanks to Ms. Vickie Bloome for posing for this photo and to photographer Nancy Dotz for sharing the photo with us).

Link for Trader’s web site:  Check it out!



DeerAnd Mr. Kevin Wallenfang, Wisconsin DNR Big Game Ecologist,  has graciously agreed to come back and talk with us!   Kevin will tell us about the upcoming County Deer Advisory Councils throughout the state of Wisconsin.  There are new rules and regs that we must all be aware of as the season approaches.  Thank you, Kevin, for helping us out!

Link to DNR Deer Advisory Council:

 Here is a picture of Kevin in case you want to know what he looks like!!