New Mexico Elk Hunt & Asian Carp in the Mississippi River

RB OUtfitter                            NM elk

Come and meet Ron and Blanche from RB Outfitters in Chama, New Mexico.   Ron and Blanche will tell us about the availability of private elk hunting tags!

Ron and Blanche have been in the outfitting business for over 20 years.  Their  elk and deer hunts are held in the national forest of northern New Mexico which has a very good population of trophy caliber deer and elk. They can also provide our hunters with private land-owner permits. These permits are not subject to the draw and will guarantee our clients a tag.  Ron and Blanche will talk about the availability of private tags.

Check out their website:    RB OUTFITTERS


Mark ClementsThen let’s chat with Capt. Mark Clements.  Capt. Clements is the owner of “Captain Hook’s Bait & Tackle”  in Genoa, Wisconsin and owner of the “Clements Fishing Barge” out of Genoa.   We are going to talk with Capt. Clements about the in-progress barrier for Asian Carp being installed in Pool 8 of the Mississippi River near Genoa.   The sound barrier is being installed to try to repel the invasive Asian Carp.  There are pros and cons on this issue and we think this needs some discussion.

Here is some additional information on the project from National Geographic:

and from Mpls. MN:

Clements Fishing Barge Here is a shot from Clement’s Fishing Barge, I have done this and it is great fun!   ~Capt. Terry

More information about Clements Fishing Barge and check him out on Facebook for Captain Hooks Bait & Tackle.











and meet Capt. Mark Clements who will give his thoughts on the barrier for Asian carp on Pool 8 of the ……