Wildlife photography with Bruce Faanes & New products from Mepps Lures

bFaanes_imageOn of our favorite outdoor and wildlife photographers – meet Bruce Faanes, of Northern Images.  Bruce is one of the hardest working wildlife photographers we have met, and his work is proof of that.  He is going to give us some tips on outdoor photography.   Amazing!

Check out Bruce’s amazing photographs at his website:    http://www.bfaanesphotos.com/



ico_musky_killerDarrell Toliver will join us and talk about the newest and greatest lures from Mepps!   Darrell is a representative for Mepps, which is based in Antigo, Wisconsin.   They are just off of Highway 45 North.  You can actually go there and take a guided tour and watch them hand-make the WORLD’S #1 lure.  They manufacture over 4000 lures and have a trophy room you do not want to miss.   Listen in and welcome Darrell!

You must go to their website:     http://www.mepps.com/