Family Fishing Day / Lee Kernen on being OUTSIDE IN THE WILD


A fun-filled Family Fishing Day sponsored by The Cleary Building Corp.  Mike Wuennemann will tell us about all the fun activities on their 3rd Annual Family Fishing Day, to be held Saturday August 9 from 9:00 AM to noon.   And……. The Capt. and Waldog will be there to enjoy the fun day.  Thank you to Mike and Cleary Building for inviting us to join you!


  lee_kernen_blesbok     Then we will talk with Lee Kernen.  Lee is an avid outdoorsman,  is a writer for The Wisconsin Outdoor News,  has studied wildlife technology and served in many capacities for several fisheries in Wisconsin, most recently as Great Lakes Fisheries Section Chief.  We will talk to him about his career and his travels all over the world since he retired.

Learn more about Lee:  Lee Kernen Profile