Williams lures, a north American tradition, dates back to 1916.

To this day entirely manufactured in North America, their claim to fame, then and still today is the genuine silver and 24 carat gold jewelry quality finishes. Nothing reflects all available light brighter and farther. Chrome, nickel and brass don’t even come close to the reflective qualities of precious metals.

Salmon, trout, pike and walleye spoons in varied sizes and weights ranging from the smallest W10 1” 1/16 oz Wabler, great for panfish stream trout and ice…. to the largest C90 Whitefish at 6” and 1-1/2 ounces. A salmon, trout and big northern bait used as is.. and a popular alternative to dodgers and flashers when used as an attractor.

Also manufactured in the same facility are Mooselook, Savant and Lake Clear lures which also sport the same silver and gold finishes. Anglers have recognized the effectiveness of the real deal in genuine silver and gold finishes for over 100 years.

Made by anglers for anglers in North America. Tight lines!!!

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